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    Engineering Applications

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    Engineering Applications

    Post by Sgt. McMuffin on Fri Mar 31, 2017 3:44 am


    IC Section

    Full name:
    Reason for wanting to join engineering:
    Platoon CO:


    Steam profile link:
    Steam ID (google steamidfinder):
    Time in server (estimate):
    Engineering experience/Military Experience (it's okay to have neither):
    Roleplay experience:

    (Choose at least one, you can do as many as you want though and make them as in detailed as you wish)

    A Cougar MRAP has stopped working, it sputters and knocking can be heard from the engine. When you go to inspect the engine, you notice a fuel line is damaged and leaking, what do you do?

    You are commanding a squad of engineers and you, along with the rest of the mission squads, find yourself in an abandoned old building with plenty of dirt and scrap metal near you from the building and access to sandbags via the roll all engineers are given. You're ordered by command to hold down that position and wait for further orders, they inform you a large horde of infected are soon approaching, what do you order the squad of engineers to do?

    An M1A1 Abrams has suffered damage to the treads from an IED and the damage can be repaired with the kit but it would be a lengthy thing to do. Do you decide to either use the nearest radio operator and call the nearest FOB for an M936 truck to tow the tank away or repair the treads?

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