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    Application for Administration


    Snipes The Strelok

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    Application for Administration

    Post by Snipes The Strelok on Mon Apr 17, 2017 4:57 am

    Forums name: Snipes the Strelok

    Steam name: Snipes the Strelok

    Steam profile link:

    Are you applying for moderator, administrator, or super admin?: Moderator

    Do you have previous admin experience?(Y/N): No.

    Why should you be able to administrate for us?: I have over 5 years of roleplaying experience in Garrys Mod, primarily military based roleplays. They were all serious, with most of them text based. I've seen good admins and bad admins. I've seen great servers and bad servers. My long service as a player has given me a glimpse into the world of roleplaying that many admins don't have, surprisingly. I know how much a bad administration team can really bring down a server and make it a horrible experience for everyone who isn't in cahoots with the administration. This is why many good servers go down, and I'd like to do my part to prevent that from happening to this server. I wholeheartedly believe that the first priority of an admin is to provide a fair and balanced game for the players, rather than giving other admins the best gear and leaving the playerbase to shrivel up.

    What would you be able to bring to the table of our community?: As stated, I've played in Garrys Mod RP servers for 5 years now, which has taught me a lot about how important the players are in an RP server, and how important the perception of the administration team is. It's also taught me about how admins should act and how important a good team is. I also consider myself to be fair when it comes to stepping into roleplay to remind the players of the rules and etiquette, passing judgement if needed. I'm not going to be harsh, of course not, but I'm not going to let a lot of actions slip by without any warning. I could also help run events or make them if needed. While I may be new, I have a lot of drive to become part of an administration team, and I'm very willing to learn from the more senior staff.

    Do you recognize that being an admin involves extreme responsibility and able to work out issues with player and owner alike, as well as various other odds and ends?(Y/N): I understand this completely.

    What do you think an admin does?: In a roleplay server, an admin has two sides.

    One side is the normal side of administration. This involves solving player disputes, enforcing rules, giving warnings, and dropping the almightly banhammer if needed. This also includes physgunning players out of walls when they get stuck between a fridge and a ceiling, or giving players a scripted item that they lost from the bowels of Nutscript or the grabby, itchy trigger fingers of minges and rulebreakers. This is the face of administration, this is what weeds out minges from good roleplayers and resides as the booming voice amidst the micspam and ERP that the players turn their heads to. This is also the side of an administrator that collaborates with fellow admins to assign tasks, deal with minges, and overall make the administration team a well oiled machine. This is the work part of being an admin.

    The second side is the fun side of administration. This is the side that runs events, roleplays admin characters, socializes with the playerbase, and tries to accommodate everyone's wants and needs of the sever populace within reason. This side is what the players see when being an admin. This determines how much players respect and like the admin as an individual, which can easily bleed into the collective view of the staff team. This side also determines how well events are run and perceived by the playerbase. It determines how players are treated when they do wrong, or are rewarded when they do right. This side of an admin is equally as important as the other, even though they have different purposes.

    This is not to imply that the two sides are mutually exclusive. They are two sides of the same coin, and both are required for an administrator to preform their duties well.

    What goes into being a good admin?: Being a good admin is reliant on balancing the two sides of administration I mentioned above. An admin cannot be too focused on the work side, for if they are, they may attempt to rule with an iron fist with no compromises, delivering harsh punishments for the tiniest of mistakes and dragging the quality down for everyone. Too much of the fun side can jeopardize the entire server by letting rulebreakers go by scot free and never giving anyone a challenge for them to strive for, simply choosing to bend over backwards for someone's Mary Sue character to stay alive and solve every problem they encounter.

    A good admin is one that treats the players fairly and equally, yet isn't afraid to drop the banhammer on rulebreakers. A good admin knows when to have fun and when to stay professional. A good admin knows when to ease up and when to push harder. A good admin is one that accommodates everyone's needs, but isn't afraid to deny someone's SEAL Team Delta character. A good admin can toe the line or make the line.

    A good admin is what I strive to become if I get accepted.
    Sgt. McMuffin
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    Re: Application for Administration

    Post by Sgt. McMuffin on Mon Apr 17, 2017 6:09 am


    A; You made it longer than it needed to be for whatever reason and you got really wordy with it and tried to sound super smart or something and I didn't actually see your point nor did I see the response to the question.
    B; I have known you for a while and your maturity levels have been absolutely atrocious. I have seen no change in that and I would want to how you act on the server to see if you can compose yourself because whenever you have been given power you abuse it.
    C; You bitch about things a lot and don't get when to stop being you. You also bitch about a lot of things in general and I do not think you would be a good staff member as I have known you and seen you from a staff point of view on a server (and the times I have kicked you and removed your flags) and the player point of view.

    i only made this community with two faggots cause we were bitching about one bigger group...think of how and why dreamworks was made, to spite a larger group

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