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    Server Rules

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    Server Rules

    Post by Sgt. McMuffin on Wed Jun 14, 2017 6:29 am

    1) Harassment of any form will not be tolerated at all. Now, to distinguish between someone having a bad day or the normal "Fuck off you cunt", harassment in our eyes is repeated against one person and the source is one or more persons. The punishments will go case by case.
    2) Hacking or cheating will result in a perma-ban and report to Steam that will result in a VAC ban, assuming VAC anti-cheat doesn't catch you.
    3) Staff disrespect is not a rule, however, staff can file a harassment complaint which will be addressed the same way as any other case would be handled.
    4) Flag abuse or position abuse will result in either one warning (that's all you will get) which if exceeded ill result in flag revoke, or immediate flag or position loss.
    5) Spamming of any sort in the OOC or IC chat will result in a kick.
    6) Forum abuse of any sort will not be allowed, this includes; Spam, harassment, visual pornographic posts, provocative posts (flame war fuel posts). A staff member may remove a post for any reason that they deem appropriate, but if you feel it was unfair immediately tell the staff member one rank higher. If a staff member does this, they should give a notice including the reason for removal at least half an hour in advance.
    7) IC chat abuse. This includes being blatantly, and repetitive, in the abuse of IC chat by being unserious or just saying random things that belong in OOC chat or a steam chat. If you have to think, does this belong in OOC or steam chat, don't post it. This will result in a kick.
    8 ) ERP in the IC chat will result in a kick, no one wants to see it, keep it OOC and steam chat. IF ERP is found to be affecting OOC decisions it can result in loss of position. Keep in mind the IC rules don't ban fraternisation but it most likely will result in loss of rank from whoever has the highest rank.

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