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    Specialist Krissu Kaidla


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    Specialist Krissu Kaidla

    Post by Lux on Sat Jun 17, 2017 2:51 am

    Krissu Kaidla

    Krissu helping a fellow conscript by putting on camouflage


    Basic Information

    Name: Krissu Elliina Kaidla

    Gender: Female

    Age: 24

    Date of Birth: November 11th 1993

    Place of Birth: Tallinn, Estonia

    Rank: Specialist

    Nationality: Estonian

    Spoken Languages: Estonian and English

    Sexual Orientation: Straight

    Relationship status: Single

    American citizen? (Y/N): Yes

    Political affiliation: Conservative

    Religious Beliefs: Roman Catholic

    Affiliation: Estonian Maavägi and the United States National Guard

    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Physical information

    Height: 5'6

    Weight: 140lb

    Eye color: Blue

    Hair color: Golden Blonde

    Skin tone: White

    Ethnicity: Estonia

    Build type: Military Build (Female)

    Medical history: Normal

    Mental information

    IQ: 105

    Preferred learning method: Hands on and Visual

    Academic interests: History and Geography

    Artistic interests: If its Old its Gold

    Athletic interests: Track

    Notes: N/A

    Pre-enlistment background

    Highschool attended: Gustav Adolf Grammar School

    Highschool graduated from: Gustav Adolf Grammar School

    Highschool GPA: 3.0

    College education (if applicable): N/A

    College majors/minors: N/A

    College attended: N/A

    Criminal record (if yes, what?): N/A

    When did you become an American citizen?: Febuary 18, 2014
    (If applicable)

    Family/Next of Kin

    Father: Kristjan Kaidla

    Mother: Ave-Mai Larin Laar

    Brothers: None

    Sisters: None

    Grandmother: Katariina Jakobson

    Grandfather: Sten Cristof Kailda

    Children: None

    Spouse/Significant other: None

    Other relatives: None

    Armed forces career

    Current branch: United States Army

    Former branches (if applicable): Estonian Land Forces or Maavägi

    Previous units: 1st Infantry Brigade of the Maavägi

    Current unit: District of Columbia National Guard
    1st Battalion Roster

    Member of the National Guard? (Y/N): Yes

    Promotions: Specialist

    Demotions: None

    Armed forces criminal record: None

    Age of enlistment: 18 - Conscripted into Estonian Maavägi / 23 - signed up for National Guard

    Combat patrols: A full combat tour in Afghanistan while in the Maavägi

    Total deployments: 3

    Combat deployments: 3

    Wounds received in action: None

    Awards/ribbons: Order of the Cross of the Eagle 5th Class -  Estonian / Estonian Defence Forces Cross of Good Conduct - Estonian / Estonian Defence Forces Cross of Merit - Estonian

    Detailed Information

    Appearance(Optional): Tall Estonian Female with Blonde hair put into a pony tail while in working uniform, but let down during R&R. She has the average build of a female in the military with a small Six Pack.

    Personality(Optional): Krissu has a very outgoing personality, but she normally takes a very neutral stance when it comes to her opinion on most things.

    Medical Records(Optional): Nothing Special

    Character Voice(Optional): "I'll find something later"

    Equipment(Optional): Krissu carries around the normal equipment for a United States National Guard Infantry woman who is the user of an LMG. She would have multiple belts of ammunition around her waist for her LMG. Everything else would be normal for someone in her position.

    Attire(Optional): She would wear the normal uniform of a United States National Guard Infantry Woman. On her head she would have an Estonian Bergmütze style field cap.

    Background(Optional): Krissu would be born on November 11th 1993 in Estonia. Growing up her life would be pretty average for an Estonian girl at the time. She would receive a pretty decent education at Gustav Adolf Grammar School in Tallinn. At the age of 18 Krissu would be conscripted in the the Estonian Land Forces or the Maavägi where she would learn many skills and would become extremely proficient with the LMG. Krissu would spend 4 years in the Maavägi, being deployed in Afghanistan until Estonian involvement deescalated until they pulled out entirely. In 2014 after Estonia left Afghanistan, Krissu would leave the Maavägi and immigrate to the United States. When rumors of an infection turning people into cannibalistic undead monsters, Krissu would be skeptical at first until she would run into one in an ally way on her way to work. After this encounter she would sign up for the United States National Guard and preform flawlessly in training using her skills from the Maavägi to aid her in Boot. After boot, the infection would be well known to the world and Krissu would be placed into the District of Columbia National Guard 1st Battalion Roster at the Rank of Specialist LMG. Currently she is based in Washington DC with the rest of her Regiment doing whatever she can to help those around her no matter the cost.

    History(Optional): The Kaidla Family has been living in Estonia for thousands of years. Born in 1919, Sten Kaidla would have a rough childhood as he had to survive the Estonian war for independence against the Red Army. World War 2 Sten would be a Kapral in the Maavägi. After the Soviet invasion, Sten's unit would be disarmed and interned in a soviet prison camp. When Operation Barbarossa happened and the Germans swept through Russia, the Soviet pollitt bureau would approve of the use of prisoners as soldiers for the front. Sten would be thrown into the 2nd Guards Tank Army as a driver on a T-34. Sten and his T-34 would survive the war and he would leave the Army to return to Estonia. Krissu's father Kristjan would be born on July 9th 1963 in the town of Pärnu. Unlike his father, Kristjan would have a more quiet life working as a construction worker until the fall of the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic where he would meet Ave-Mai who he would marry a month later. Krissu would be born on November 11th 1993 and Kristjan would continue working to support for her until she was conscripted in 2011.

    Sten Kaidla knees on the bottom row second to the left with his unit. - 1935

    Personal Relationships

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