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    National Guard Zombie RP

    The Setting
    The year is 2017, and a merciless infection has swept across the globe, rapidly killing and then reanimating anyone unlucky enough to be caught by it. Those who are brought back from death by the infection are nothing more than lifeless husks, clad with black eyes and broken skin, existing only to hunt down and turn everyone who hasn’t already been infected.

    London, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Washington D.C - no capital has been safe from the clutches of what are now being referred to as ‘the Infected’, and the civilised world as we know it is on the brink of extinction. In the United States, only the state of Maryland exists as a self-governing safe zone from the disease that has swept the nation, though it operates under military leadership disguised as a democracy. General Francis Delgado, the man behind Maryland’s safety, has recently decided to go on the offensive, gathering as many soldiers and able-bodies as possible to reclaim the states by taking the fight directly to the enemy.

    The Timeline
    December 19th, 2016 [2242] - The new viral strain of the WNV surfaces in Rwanda, with the first outbreak occurring in a rural community, then spreading to other villages during the night.

    December 20th, 2016 [1230] - A five-man ambassadorial team, headed by Ambassador Robert Crane, is dispatched from the United States of America outbound to Rwanda, in order to negotiate a trade deal with the government regarding its plentiful natural gas resources. The ambassadors arrive late at night, and stay at the Golden Plains hotel.

    December 21st, 2016 [0357] - Rwanda’s president, Paul Kagambe, implements a state of emergency after two major joint-national military bases are overrun by what are officially being referred to as ‘drugged up militants’. Rumours of martial law are overheard by the United States government, which promptly decides to relocate its ambassadorial team back to America.

    December 21st, 2016 [0932] - The five ambassadors, alongside Rwanda’s wealthiest one-percent, fly back to America, away from the escalating situation in Rwanda. At this point, the news of the disease remains nonexistent, with no governments aware of the new, lethal strain. Of the 130 passengers who board the state-owned Rwanda Airlines flight, 78 of them carry the infectious strain, with the rest being infected during the flight.

    December 22nd, 2016 [0203] - The Rwanda Airlines flight lands at JFK Airport, all of its passengers infected with the new and deadly strain of WNV. The ambassadors all return to the White House, whilst the rest of the passengers disperse across the United States of America.

    December 22nd, 2016 [1139] - All 130 infected passengers, alongside the 14 airline staff, slip into a coma after suffering from coughing fits, erratic sneezing, internal bleeding and mass organ failure. Each one is rushed to the hospital, some reanimating inside of ambulances, others reanimating inside of densely populated hospitals. These 144 infected specimens trigger a domino effect, infecting tens of thousands of people before they are put down by armed police. The five man ambassador team reanimates mere metres away from the President during a meeting, infecting him and members of his cabinet before being put down by Secret Service agents.

    December 22nd, 2016 [1345] - A large swathe of the newly infected are taken to the CDC for quarantine, whilst the rest of the United States of America is placed under martial law by the Vice President, Richard Wilson. Curfews are put into place, and the CDC begins to test infected individuals.

    December 23rd, 2016 [1142] - All newly infected specimens slip into comas, before the cycle of reanimation repeats. The President turns inside his own bedroom in the White House, infecting his wife and children before he is secured and contained by the Secret Service. Any infected individuals within the CDC turn and overrun dozens of their testing facilities, barely being halted by the local police and National Guard forces. Anyone who wasn’t taken in by the CDC turns during their daily routine - shoppers, office workers, stay at home mothers, teachers, doctors; all slip into comas, then reanimate a few minutes later to wreck havoc on those nearby.

    December 23rd, 2016 [1213] - The newly sworn President of the United States, Richard Wilson, declares a state of emergency, and signs an Executive Order granting the Armed Forces of America express powers to handle the outbreak. Moments after he makes his national address urging for people to stay in their homes, Vice President Wilson slips into a coma, turning shortly after to ravage anyone nearby. Meanwhile, the United States Capitol has been overrun whilst Congress was in session, resulting in the infection and death of hundreds of Congressmen and Congresswomen. The United States Government, in a matter of hours, is plunged into chaos, with the Secretary of Defense taking the mantle of President.

    December 23rd, 2016 [1422] - Former Secretary of Defense, Michael Lynton, is privately and swiftly sworn in as President of the United States of America, proceeding to provide even more emergency powers to members of the Armed Forces of America through Executive Orders. The Army, Navy, Marines and National Guard are all dispatched across the States to assist with the outbreak, with strict orders to contain any symptomatic infected, and to kill any who have fully turned.

    December 24th, 2016 [0140] - Overnight, America is plunged into further chaos, with rioters and looters filling the streets alongside the infected. No amount of force from the Armed Forces can put a stop to the anarchy, with entire units of National Guard being overrun by the sheer volume of the infected. States begin to fall completely, starting with Washington D.C, Texas, New York and Florida. Most importantly, the White House is completely overrun, destroying the already small remains of the federal government, and leaving the United States of America without a President.

    December 24th, 2016 [1025] - The Governor of Maryland, Jonathan Sinclair, is strong-armed by National Guard General Francis Delgado into further increasing the power of the National Guard within the state of Maryland, granting them the resources and the authority to defend the state and its citizens at any cost under the threat of a military coup. State armed police are deployed alongside the National Guard and the remains of the Army, setting up border checkpoints across all major state-lines with strict orders to refuse entry. The entire state of Maryland, as a result, is placed on complete lockdown - no one gets in, no one gets out. Anyone who is even suspected of showing signs of infection is immediately quarantined and monitored over a 48 hour period. It is this bold yet unconstitutional erosion of the civil liberties of Maryland’s citizens that keeps the state generally safe from the viral outbreak, as all other states have fallen into chaos without governance, whilst Maryland continues as best as they can to survive under strong yet ruthless military leadership. However, the cost is that the state’s government is effectively at the whim and command of General Delgado, who uses Governor Sinclair as a puppet-leader to keep the civilian population under the illusion of democracy.

    Present Day - It has been over half a year since the viral outbreak swept across America, and Maryland is still holding strong, yet resources are running low. The infected are migrating across the country is huge hordes, the virus knowing that there are still more healthy hosts to infect and take over. General Delgado, after forcefully obtaining as much power for the National Guard as possible, decides to go on the offensive, establishing and organising new National Guard brigades and battalions to send out as ‘clean-up teams’ across the States, in the hopes of retaking the land of the free for the living and finding additional resources for the people of Maryland. These new National Guard units are primarily composed of members of the police forces and remnants of the National Guard and Army that live in Maryland, though anyone with an able body is strongly encouraged to go through an accelerated (3 week) training programme. Governor Sinclair addresses the people of Maryland as if this was his idea, but everyone in the National Guard knows that General Delgado is the one pulling the strings.

    Maryland Safe Zone
    Heavily guarded state borders, on-call helicopters and armour, thousands of National Guardsmen on standby, neighbourhoods patrolled by armed police, and around the clock curfews and containment procedures - this is the Maryland Safe Zone. All other states and territories in the United States of America have fallen due to cowardice of their governments. Maryland only exists as a safe haven from the infection thanks to the efforts of General Francis Delgado, who uses Governor Jonathan Sinclair as a puppet for his military regime. However, the state’s legislature and councils remain intact, and elections are held at regular intervals - though they offer no real change in power, and serve only as an illusion of democracy to keep the population’s morale high.

    The civilian population of Maryland has dwindled since the initial infection, but remains high for a state surrounded by chaos and death. Approximately six hundred thousand civilians live within the MSZ, all contributing equally to the survival of the state as a whole. Under firm but fair leadership, Maryland has continued to survive months after the initial outbreak, and General Delgado plans to maintain this peace and tranquility for years to come.

    The Virus
    Patient Zero is unknown to all international medical organisations, but hard evidence and analytical data points towards the first outbreak occurring in the war-torn, anarchic state of Rwanda, East Africa. Expert pathologists (or rather, what’s left of them) have come to a consensus that the infection is a mutated strain of the West Nile Virus (WNV) - a virus made all the more deadly due to the fact the original strain did not have a vaccination. Whether or not this mutation occurred naturally is still heavily disputed.

    What is now being referred to as ‘’unorthodox field research’’ has furthered humanity’s limited understanding of the new, highly contagious WNV strain. The virus’ pathogens are transmitted through bodily fluids, meaning that any prolonged physical contact with an infected specimen is guaranteed to result in contamination. The proposed solutions are to burn all infected specimens once they have been dispatched, and to avoid all physical contact with infected individuals.

    The virus’ symptoms are mundane within the first 24 hours of exposure - any infected individuals will suffer only from an elevated temperature, a increased production of sweat in the skin’s apocrine glands, a chesty and phlegmy cough, and rhinorrhea. All four of these symptoms are designed only to maximise the virus’ ability to infect other specimens, then, after the 24 hour mark, the infected individual will suffer from an accelerated deteriorating state.

    The virus uses the 24 hours to duplicate itself and infected over 90% of the body’s healthy cells, and will thereafter active a ‘killswitch’ - massive internal haemorrhaging takes place, followed by complete organ failure, and ending with the infected specimen entering a swift, unavoidable and unwakeable coma, all in a matter of minutes. Then, the virus will reactivate the infected host’s motor functions from deep within the brain and nervous system, making them appear to return from the dead - however, make no mistake, as the person who was there before they entered the coma is not there anymore. The virus, having brought the infected specimen ‘back to life’, uses the host’s body as a means to transmit the infection further, utilising our primate fight-or-flight instincts; the infected specimen will begin to attack any other healthy individuals, attempting to bite them in order to transmit the virus into their bloodstream, and will show no regard for their own physical safety in the process. The infected specimens will not halt their offensive until the healthy host has been made unconscious or otherwise immobilised.

    The only way to stop the infected specimen when it attacks is to attack back - shots to the head are the most effective, as body shots will not incapacitate an infected specimen as they would a healthy individual; the infected specimen’s will not enter hypovolemic shock from blood loss. The removal of limbs will not stop an infected specimen in it’s tracks either - should they lose their legs, they’ll drag themselves across the ground, and should they lose their arms, they’ll continue the offensive.

    Infected specimens have also exhibited an enhanced sense of smell and hearing, in exchange for a damaged sense of sight (as demonstrated by their black eyes). In close proximity, infected specimens are able to smell healthy hosts, but at a distance, they can only rely on their acute sense of hearing. Therefore, it is advised to remain as far away from all infected specimens as possible when not engaging, and to move slowly and carefully to avoid making excess noise.

    There are two forms of infected specimens; ones with low motor functions and ones with high motor functions, known as ‘Walkers’ and ‘Runners’ respectively. Walkers are infected specimens who have entered an advanced state of decay, which occurs after approximately four months from the initial infection. Runners, on the other hand, are infected specimens who have not entered this state of decay, and have usually only been infected weeks ago. Both types of infected specimens will usually operate in packs or hordes, with Walkers grouping up in numbers anywhere between 10 to 100, and Runners often attacking in packs of anywhere between 5 to 20.

    There have been unofficial reports of civilians preventing the infection from spreading across the body by amputating any bitten limbs. Whilst there’s are not guaranteed solutions, it may be preferable to immediately attempt an amputation as opposed to executing anyone who is bitten.

    As a virus, the new WNV strain is biological masterpiece of genetic mutation and virological efficiency, but as a threat to mankind, it is an unstoppable, efficient and ruthless enemy that will neither mercy nor compassion.

    Potential Enemies:
    The Infected (Walkers, Runners)
    Biker Gangs
    Street Gangs
    Hostile/Isolationist Communities
    Crazy Survivors
    Crazy Military Forces

    Massive thanks to Joffrey for this amazing document.

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