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    Complaint/Ban Appeal Format

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    Complaint/Ban Appeal Format

    Post by Sgt. McMuffin on Mon Jun 19, 2017 5:15 am

    The following is the format for a formal complaint about a member of the server, or a complaint about the server. Using an outdated or incorrect format will result in an immediate denial and removal of the post.

    In order for a staff/player complaint or a ban appeal to be properly discussed without the influence of publicity affecting discussion, please PM an admin the complaint, where the administration will discuss the complaint or appeal.

    Server Complaint:
    OOC Name:
    Is this a bug, a feature, etc?:
    Evidence of bug(If applicable):
    Explanation for Complaint:

    Staff/Player Complaint:
    OOC Name:
    Player's/Staff Member's OOC Name:
    Player's/Staff Member's IC Name:
    Explanation for Complaint(Evidence REQUIRED):

    Ban Appeal:
    OOC Name:
    When where you banned(Optional)?:
    What reason were you given for being banned?:
    Why do you think you should be unbanned?:

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