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    Moderator/Event planner Application - thunder-_ps



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    Moderator/Event planner Application - thunder-_ps

    Post by thunder-_ps on Fri Apr 14, 2017 4:12 pm

    Forums name: thunder-_ps

    Steam name: thunder-_ps

    Steam profile link:

    Are you applying for moderator, administrator, or super admin?: Moderator, but will mainly focus on missions/events (Event planner).

    Do you have previous admin experience?(Y/N): No.

    If so, for what community, what was your position, and were you ever demoted from that position?:

    Why should you be able to administrate for us?: I will be able to administrate well for you because I think I can fit well in the already existing team of staff, and bring a new state of mind by having a different view on things.

    What would you be able to bring to the table of our community?: I will be able to bring new ideas, server-wise and event-wise, to the community, and also my creativity to events and new features for the server. And dank memes here and there.

    Do you recognize that being an admin involves extreme responsibility and able to work out issues with player and owner alike, as well as various other odds and ends?(Y/N): Yes.

    What do you think an admin does?: An admin keeps the players in a friendly, accepting environment by solving problems fairly, making fun activities, being responsive to events that fold out by surprise (Mainly ICly), etc. An admin also makes sure there is no too much hostility and shit-posting or shit talking in the server, keeping it all in a friendly manner.

    What goes into being a good admin?: Being responsible and responsive, being able to have a neutral state of mind when solving problems between players and being an overall role model for the players.

    Extra credit question: Are you a filthy, dirty, collectivizing Communist?(Y/N): Aww Yee. Red is better than dead, after all.

    Note: I'm applying to the role of Event planner, mainly looking to be the guy who runs/makes ideas for events, etc.
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    Re: Moderator/Event planner Application - thunder-_ps

    Post by Sgt. McMuffin on Sat Apr 15, 2017 7:57 am


    Note: You would solely be an event aid who helps admins, mainly doing things like teleporting or helping stuck players etc. so the main event admins don't get off track with it. In addition, you would have minimal authority.

    Final Role: Event Aide

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